Cie 13/Rosa Mei - Antwerp/Prague/L.A.

YENTL DE WERDT// P.A.R.T.S. graduate. Co-founder of Comfusao Platform for dance. Projects in Asia and Africa. Performer in Fabuleus/Moldavie vzw. Her Chinese name means 'silk'.

ADRIAN 'LOBO' MIRAMONTES// Member Funny Bones Crew and The LXD (L.A.) Raw Circles champ. Clean, complex mover, mathematical precision. Repping LA and Mexico. Also a reiki, shiatsu and spiritual healer. Cosmic man.

JEANFRANÇOIS BLANQUET// Sound and noise artist specializing in feedback and cut-up. Founder of DEMO-LECULARISATION and Projectsinge group. Fan of noise & instability and Burroughs.

ROSA MEI// ARTISTIC DIRECTOR - CIE 13, choreographer, dancer, martial artist. Created over 30 dance theater works in 18 countries. Polyvalent polyglot (7 languages). Also director of Zhen Wu Prague.

TEDDY GUILBAUD// Beatboxer extraordinaire, percussionist & jazz musician. Sax, flute, bass and piano. Also makes music with horses. From Nantes (FR), key influences: Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Onnette Coleman and Aphex Twin.

CHAMPION BAKOMBA// Dynamic bboy and acrobat, master of fast twitch. Formerly with Team Superfly. With Cie 13 since 2004, key roles in Radio Isotope, Black Monk and Droomspel. From Kinshasa, Congo.

GERRIT WELLENS// Member of Les Anciens. 20 yrs Bak Mei kung fu, Antwerp Hip Hop Movement, Funkmaster, popping OG...

NOORA KELA// Studied at London Contempory, also performs with Henri Oguike Dance and Shobana Jeyasingh Dance. Originally from Finland

KAMKY ZHENG// From Guangdong to L.A. Homeland popper. Specialities robot, hydraulics and micromovement. Also a mean whacker. Don't call him Flat Top.

KIM THOMAS HAUKLAND// Euro kung fu champ from Norway, Disciple of Tongbei Grandmaster ZhangXinBin, director of Zhen Wu Prague, former skateboard kid, Skills: tongbei, taiji and mantis kung fu.